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The International Pectin Society was established in response to the following definition:

Pectin - any of a group of polysaccharides that are found in plant tissues, the solutions of which readily form a gel. They cause settling into a jelly (pectic).

You see, one of my best friends and I found that our lunches always included at least one pectin product--we read labels meticulously. When we looked it up to find out what it was, we discovered that it is often used as a substitute for gelatin! We avoid gelatin because we are vegetarians. (Note: We acknowledge that vegetarianism may not be right for all.) In our newsletters, we include information about the benefits of a pectin-rich diet :) , entertainment, and good causes in which our members have voiced interest. We would like to locate more people like ourselves--if they exist--so that we can share resources and amuse each other.

In late 1999, the IPS was joined by Shadow Omega, the ever-loving, ever-temperamental web guru who now brings you the new & improved IPS website!