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Membership Information:
There is no application fee, and membership is only $1 per year for those who request their newsletters on paper or who desire Pectin paraphernalia. For those who request their newsletters be emailed to them, membership is free. Once youve filled out your application, feel free to offer the opportunity to a friend. Since we, the presidents, choose to use our pen names, feel free to use yours as well. We do, however, request that you disclose your legal name for our database. We will not share the information with anybody. When you receive notice of acceptance, there will be a form for you to let us know that you're still interested in joining. You can change your mind at any time. You arent obligated to do anything, this is just a group of people with similar interests. You will receive notification of acceptance/refusal within ninety days.

Upon Acceptance you may receive newsletters...assuming we write them, which we plan to do. We are not making any promises though. If you wish to receive information on any of the topics covered in the following application, let us know. Membership is selective, but dont let that discourage you from applying. We appreciate your ingenuity and determination. :D It is appreciated. Isnt it true? Isnt it?

And remember, you never want to make assumptions, cause it makes you look stupid Also umptions and thats bad. So dont. No. Stop. Okay. Bye.

We tried forms, and those didn't work (Tripod is the devil), so this is an even easier way of doing this....E-mail Charlotte with the following info:




And indicate that you want the full IPS application. It will then be sent to you very shortly (cause she's 5'2''...get it? SHORTly...ha ha ha--oh) Anyway.